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The Players’ Impact: Empowering Athletes Beyond Their Playing Days

December 3, 2020

By Mike Froom

The Player’s Impact (TPI) was founded with a specific purpose in mind: empower athletes, current and former, through a hub for business-minded pro athletes seeking to achieve business success, preserve and build wealth, and leave a legacy beyond their sports careers.

Led by Tracy Deforge and a team of accomplished advisors, TPI has built a community that carries on the sense of team and comradery long after the playing days of athletes have ended.

The community is 200+ strong with a mix of both current and retired athletes, utilizing resources put forth in The Global Locker Room (an online education portal) and through networking events.

Not only is this a resource for players, but coaches, agents, and sports executives can get involved as well! The best part? There are no upfront or monthly fees.

TPI can play a vital role for agents looking to offer their clients something unique and a resource for them to access long after their playing days. The learn more, visit or email