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A community for professional athletes to gain knowledge, access investments, and make the most of their social and financial capital.

Discover how TPI paves the way for successful ventures and opportunities beyond sports.


Strengthen your business and investment acumen through mentorship and education.

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Gain access to exclusive investment opportunities, thanks to our collective strength and influence.

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Attend member-only events during the Super Bowl, Masters Tournament, Art Basel, and others.

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Engage with startups as advisors, ambassadors, or consultants through TPI XChange.

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TPI is not a fund or a wealth advisor. We vet and curate investment opportunities for professional athletes and their friends.


We understand how important the voices of other professional athletes can be. Hear from our community.


We understand how important the voices of other professional athletes can be. Hear from our community.

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“The beauty is that we can get together through TPI and invest in vehicles for as little or as much as you want and make a bigger impact in that way.”
Haley Wickenheiser 4x Olympic Gold Medalist & Current Asst GM for Toronto Maple Leafs
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“When I learned what The Players’ Impact was doing to help empower women and minorities to learn about investing and make smart financial decisions for their futures, I knew I had to be involved.”
Gabby Douglas 3x Olympic Gold Medalist, 2x World Gold Medalist, Member Of The ‘Fierce Five’
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“Tracy Deforge and the rest of the team at [TPI] have created something truly special for the athlete community… and I can’t wait to dig into new investment opportunities”
Tracy McGrady 7x NBA All-Star, 2x NBA Scoring Champ, Hall Of Fame Class Of 2017
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“As a retired NBA player, TPI has made it easy for me to partner with them as my trusted platform to grow my investment portfolio.”
Maurice “Mo” Evans NBA Veteran, Former EVP of the National Basketball Players Association


Founded in 2017, we were the first of our kind and remain unique in our offering.

A trusted community tailored exclusively for active, retired professional and Olympic athletes spanning over 28 sports.
Our diverse membership boasts varying levels of business acumen, all seeking to maximize their social and financial capital. At TPI, safeguarding our members—both financially and personally—is paramount. That’s why we extend a complimentary membership to those who can verify their professional or Olympic status.
Joining TPI opens doors to a world of opportunity that many professional athletes never knew existed.
Our organization is dedicated to empowering members with invaluable resources and partnerships to thrive during and beyond their athletic careers. Most remarkably, membership grants access to our network, educational events, and career opportunities—all without any obligation to invest.
TPI is the gateway to exclusive investment opportunities, thanks to our collective strength and influence.
Through vetting and curation, we bring forth investment opportunities tailored to our members’ interests. Unlike traditional funds, our members enjoy the freedom to invest in deals that resonate with them, ensuring personalized investment strategies.
At TPI, we prioritize risk management and transparency through syndicated investments.
By pooling resources, our members can participate in opportunities with low or no minimums, minimizing individual risk. This approach not only diversifies our investment portfolio but also unlocks access to larger opportunities that may have been out of reach otherwise.
As members of the TPI community, we recognize that our collective strength is our greatest asset.
By investing in the community as a whole, we amplify our network, expertise, and potential for success. Together, we uphold a social contract where mutual support and collaboration drive our shared prosperity.
Charles Woodson, Amanda Reese, and Garrett Klugh at TPI 2024
  • Curated Room of High-Achievers
  • Networking & Mentorship
  • Pitch Competions
  • Fireside Chats & Panel Discussions
  • Product Showcases


Exclusivity isn’t about keeping others out. It’s about transparently serving our high-achieving community with privacy, unique investments, and a culture centered on mutual support and collaboration.


The TPI community connects hundreds of professional athletes across five continents, providing an expanding network of resources and opportunities.


TPI's global headquarters is just outside of Detroit in Birmingham, Michigan.


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Launched April 2023 with Athletes from around Australia.


Official Partnership and European Headquarters Coming Soon!


Official Partnership Coming Soon!

South America

With athletes and startups primarily from Brazil, our South American membership is rapidly growing.

You have a lot to gain—and a lot to offer.