Making Investment and Entrepreneurship a Team Sport

TPI is an elite community of professional athletes and entertainers; joined by top investors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders as we advance personally, professionally, and financially. We provide the framework for you to transcend the game.

Together, we connect, learn and grow.

Our community consists of professional athletes across more than 28 sports, at all stages of their careers (active and retired), with various levels of business acumen. We’re stronger together, and we leverage our collective experience to build greater knowledge and wealth.

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Become a member to grow your network, access resources, mitigate investment risk through education and vetted opportunities, and experience the benefits of being a part of TPI.


After retiring from basketball, I dedicated my life to educating other athletes... The Players’ Impact has created something truly special for the athlete community.





When I learned what The Players' Impact was doing to help empower women and minorities to learn about investing and make smart financial decisions for their futures, I knew I had to be involved.



The Players' Impact is a great way for athletes to find different areas in business that you are passionate about. At TPI you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who have all gone through similar things that you have.




At TPI, investing is only one part of what we do as a community. Membership is your pathway to make a collective impact.


Since 2017, TPI has been at the forefront of identifying the best companies regardless of size or industry.


TPI is the leading, most diverse, dedicated community, known for uplifting athletes  and entertainers with trusted resources and partnerships to succeed during and after their careers.


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