Gaining a grasp on business lingo and the investment space can feel daunting, and many stakeholders in this industry will leverage this fact for exclusion or intimidation. TPI works hard to empower athletes through webinars, content, mentors, peer-to-peer connections to add comfort, understanding, and transparency to the process.

Many professional athletes join TPI to have access to people and tools before deciding to invest, giving you complete control of your business ambitions with no pressure and no judgement.


Learn about business, entrepreneurship, and investing from the experts.

Investing & Entrepreneurial Seminars
  • Expert Knowledge: TPI organizes panels and speakers who provide in-depth insights and testimonials covering their own business and entrepreneurial experience
  • Interactive Learning: TPI’s educational seminars typically involve transparent and honest Q&A sessions, group discussions, or hands-on activities, allowing members to engage actively with the material and each other.


Participate in 1-3 Pitches Per Month

In a similar way that practice offers you the ability to build your athletic skills before you actively compete, these monthly pitch sessions give you reps in business with real opportunities to listen, learn, ask questions about the process or the company, and when ready, invest.

TPI is not a Wealth Advisor, AND WE DO NOT PROVIDE INVESTMENT ADVICE, but we do offer practical tips, strategies, and tools that members can apply to their entrepreneurial or investment strategies, along with opportunities for application monthly.


Curated Educational Content

Through pitches, podcasts, videos, panels, and partnerships, TPI provides curated educational content covering both the theoretical principles and practical applications of business and investment strategy.

In addition to these educational resources, TPI offers vetted investment opportunities that allow members to engage directly with founders. This interaction facilitates the exchange of research findings, industry trends, and best practices, consolidating valuable insights from various industries into a single source.

The Players Impact organizes events, conferences, and social gatherings to accomplish two goals:
  • Build Connections: Members can meet, interact, and forge connections with investors, founders, startups, and peers.
  • Learn: Through fireside chats, panels, presentations, and pitches, member gain firsthand experience and the “business reps” that help them build skills and comfort in this space.



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