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"The beauty is that we can get together through TPI and invest in vehicles for as little or as much as you want and make a bigger impact in that way."

-Hayley Wickenheiser,

TPI Member, Canada Women's Ice Hockey Olympian

From the hottest special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) on the market weeks before IPO, to a lesser-known startup, we get access because companies recognize the value of our investor community.

Since 2017, TPI has been at the forefront of identifying the best companies regardless of size or industry.

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“TPI was able to negotiate the opportunity to invest in their Series F round with an expected minimum investment of $3M down from $15M. TPI’s community invested $1.5M.

In December 2019, DraftKings announced a merger that valued the business at $3.3B, including $500M in cash which would enable the company to go public  without going through the initial public offering process. This valuation is more than 2.0x the $1.5B valuation that TPI investment at DraftKings, the only vertically integrated sports betting company in operation, went public in April 2020 and is currently valued at $6B+ and is poised to reach a $20B valuation.”

TPI Venture Collective

Invite and referral only

Our community-first model and vetted opportunities appeal to more than athletes and artists. With this in mind, we’ve opened membership to select investors who can build out our community through their experience, acumen, wealth, or network.
TPI Investors have access to select investment opportunities, organization-wide events, investment tracking and the TPI app. Your annual fee for non-athlete and non-artist investors provides access to deal flow and community otherwise reserved for public figures. 

This is not a venture capital or private equity fund but rather an independent angel investor group along with the TPI Athletes.

It starts with connection. Our athletes bring a wealth of influence and experience, and we’re selective with the organizations we invest in, mindful that we can all grow to the next level together. 

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