Global Locker Room.

The Global Locker Room (GLR) is an exclusive, logged-in experience for our business-minded pro athletes (active, retired, and Olympian) within the TPI community seeking to achieve business success, preserve and build wealth, and leave a legacy beyond their sports career.

Due to the nature of this community, through the Global Locker Room members benefit from increased access to higher-level investments, elite networking events and opportunities, business coaching and advisors, curated educational resources and more.

Explore Events and Opportunities
The Global Locker room is the central hub for members to find all of the opportunities TPI has to offer. Here, members can view upcoming and past events in their area or across the US and participate in online experiences such as webinars and Office Hours with the Experts.
Never Miss an Opportunity
Members can head to their personal dashboard to see their week at a glance, new messages and alerts. These are designed to remind members on events they showed interest in, investment deals and the latest TPI news.
Interact with the Community
TPI is a community. The Global Locker room encourages member interaction on the main forum, event discussion boards, directory, and messaging features. Here, members can ask questions, comment and post related opportunities unaffiliated with TPI.
Track Your Investments
On the personal dashboard, members can keep track of the investments they’ve made and receive updates on new investment opportunities with those companies.
Personalized Offers and Investment Deals
TPI works with top startup companies to provide our members with exclusive investment deals. These offers come from a variety of industries, so that our members can pursue investments that they are passionate about.
Learn from Experts and Grow Your Skillset
TPI strives to provide its members with the best resources possible to make good business decisions. To educate members we provide opportunities such as webinars, Office Hours with the Experts, and lectures.