The Players' Impact

We pride ourselves on working with the

highest quality:


Our group consists of very smart and passionate people, who just so happen to be professional athletes. We believe if we surround ourselves with great people, great things will happen.


Our group has a hunger for knowledge. In any given week, we can host an e-course around a variety of topics: investing, building a startup, or a deep dive on an industry.

Investment Opportunities

Deal flow comes from two places. Our core team assesses deals from other VCs and our group shares deals that are pitched to them. The result is seeing 100+ deals a month and filtering the top two options for pitch calls.

Live chat & private messaging.

You can live chat with other members about the common things that you all share and send private messages.

Community updates.

Post and read trending stories from the sports community, share ideas and build together the best community.

Entrepreneurial resources.

If you are an expert in investing or advising startups and you would like to teach an e-class, this is the place for you.


We connect former or current professional athlete interested in building their own business or investing in startups with their peers.


TPI provides top tier, vetted investment opportunities in high growth startups.


If you want to get involved and there is something we can do to help you, let’s explore a collaborative partnership.

What is TPI?

An exclusive group of professional athletes who have joined forces to do business together. We are making entrepreneurship and investing a team sport, leveraging our collective wisdom on the front end to assess deals and on the back end to open our networks to support entrepreneurs.

The team

Jason Lavender
Building The Players' Impact
Tracy Deforge
Building The Players' Impact

Rob Belk
Fall Intern - Deal Flow Assessment
Rob is a first year MBA student at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. His professional background is in management consulting and in ecommerce.

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