TPI is an exclusive group of professional athletes who invest in startups together.
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Why join TPI?

Gain access to the network and the deal flow. Share deals you see and the community can leverage our collective wisdom for assessment.

  • Vetted deal flow.

    Get access to vetted startups with top co-investors.

  • Entrepreneurial resources.

    If you are building your own business, tap into a community of trusted resources: web developers, marketers, attorneys, and more.

  • Live chat & private messaging.

    You can live chat with other members about the common things that you all share and send private messages.

  • Learn.

    We connect TPI members to top VCs, industry experts, and each other to dive deeper into any preferred entrepreneurship or investment topics.

  • Invest.

    TPI provides top tier, vetted investment opportunities in high growth startups. By pooling our investments, we can access deals at lower individual investment amounts.

  • Impact

    Build groups and join groups of like minded peers to make an impact together.

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